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Alta HPS, Benicia

“Exercise specialist employs successful marketing plan”

Michael Weiss is the founder and president of Alta Health and Performance Solutions (Alta HPS).  Weiss is an exercise physiologist, fitness specialist, professional cycling coach, cross country ski instructor, and endurance athlete. Currently, he regularly speaks to corporate and academic communities on topics ranging from health and wellness to exercise science. His presentations focus primarily on the importance of physical activity for the prevention and management of chronic disease and as a means to promote functional capacity to enhance the quality of life. As a university lecturer, Weiss is frequently invited to present his expertise in environmental physiology focusing on the physiological responses and adaptations of athletes training in extreme environments. Additionally he offers personalized fitness coaching, serves as a corporate fitness consultant, and provides performance testing along with customized training programs to endurance athletes.

Initially, Weiss provided physiology counseling for HMO’s and insurance companies. He wanted to start a consulting practice that would expand his offerings to presentations and individual work that would reach civic organizations, corporations, academic and medical entities, and individuals. However, he realized his need for sound advice, particularly relating to business planning and development of marketing strategies.

Weiss contacted the Solano SBDC office in 2012 for advice on expanding his services and growing his business. After completing the center’s NxLeveL business plan development program, Mike began working with SBDC Business Advisor, Jerry Jinnett, to develop a marketing strategy. Further work with Jinnett and the SBDC on the implementation of marketing and other business strategies have continued to date.

The company profile of Alta HPS illustrates the growth and increased success of Mike’s consulting practice in terms of the topics covered, the programs offered, and the markets served. Mike is also a contributing writer to SoFit magazine, a health and fitness publication providing education on exercise prescription and the health benefits of physical activity. A sample of his writing can be viewed at this link:

“I am fortunate to have worked with the [Solano SBDC]. Without their guidance, I would probably still be at the fork in the road surrounded by a fog of confusion and daunted by the myriad of tasks yet to accomplish.”

Alta Health and Performance Solutions (HPS)
CEO: Michael Weiss
Benicia, CA